CATC is excited to offer a new website as of March 2019 to the
community of Charlotte.  This new site
will offer new capabilities as well as an updated look to support our

The first goal was to have one unified site.  As CATC has grown, we have realized that
consolidation of our CATC sponsored websites (such as the Blue Diamond Award
site, and our WISE site) into one central website would be a more effective way
to share information about all CATC sponsored activities.

Additional key enhanced capabilities are around communicating out news
events, showcasing key partners of CATC with business, government and education
tracks, and highlighting not only CATC events, but also any technology related
event in the Charlotte community.

News Events can be submitted to CATC from any area of the CATC
community to highlight activities or information that will benefit our
community base.  New events will be
posted frequently, and older news posts will be available for a period of time
so that we can maximize information sharing.

The Partner Directory is especially exciting as it allows many
different types of partners (partner organizations in either business,
government or education) to list their organization, and provide contact information,
for reference by other organizations or individuals who would need to contact
that organization.  Additionally,
partners are encouraged to submit news articles, and take advantage of the
event calendar predominately highlighted on the CATC site.

The event calendar has two elements.
One key element is a link to a Charlotte-wide Technology related
calendar open to any of the partners.
Some of these events are private events within the partner organization,
but many of these events will also be public events (free or ticketed) to
enable others to connect or learn new things.
The ability to have one place for the entire community to see these
events and engage is a valuable resource.
The second element of the events is a posted event space for CATC
specific events, or CATC sponsored events with partners.  These are separated for CATC to be able to
promote these on the site as well as through the community calendar.

We are super excited to provide these new capabilities to our
community, and we are interested in your feedback on how this was valuable, or
if there are other capabilities we can add that would make this even more
beneficial.  Please don’t hesitate to reach
out to us at


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